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Appeals and tribunals


To register an appeal with the SEND tribunal, you must have the signed and dated local authority decision letter and a mediation certificate (unless you are only appealing the contents of section I - placement).

You do not have to agree to mediation to get a mediation certificate, but you have to consider it. This means that you have to show that you have thought about it by speaking to a mediation advisor. You do this by contacting the mediation provider named on the local authority decision letter.

Mediation is free and completely confidential. This means it does not affect your right to appeal. The mediation provider can give you more information on how the process works. Swindon borough council currently use Global Mediation as their mediation provider.

You need to contact the mediation provider within 2 months of the date on the decision letter to get your certificate.

If you agree to mediation then this meeting must be arranged within 30 days. If it cannot be arranged in this time you will be issued with a mediation certificate instead.

If you do not agree to mediate, your mediation certificate will be sent to you within 3 working days.

You have 1 month from the date on the mediation certificate to register your appeal.