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Appeals and tribunals

Decision letters

When the local authority makes a decision about your child's EHCP they must send you this decision in writing. The letter must include:

  • That you have the right to appeal the decision
  • The timeframes for appealing to the SEND tribunal
  • Information regarding mediation and contact details for the mediation service
  • The availability of disagreement resolution services
  • Information and advice relating to the special educational needs of children and young people

Appeals must be registered within 2 months of the date on the decision letter or within one month of the date you obtained the mediation certificate (whichever is later).

You may also be offered a meeting with your EHCP coordinator. This can help you to understand the reasons behind the local authority's decision and decide whether or not you want to register an appeal. Please be aware that discussions with the local authority do not change the deadline for registering an appeal if this is your decision.