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EHCP Annual Reviews

When should an annual review happen?

An EHCP must be reviewed (the annual review) within 12 months of the original plan, or within 12 months of the last review.  This is a maximum time limit, and if you think the EHC plan needs amending before this you can ask for the annual review to happen earlier. This is sometimes called and emergency, or urgent annual review. You may wish to ask for an early annual review if:

  • the EHC plan doesn't describe you or your child's current needs (section B of the plan)

  • the provision in the plan is no longer meeting you or your child's needs (section F of the plan)
  • the school placement is breaking down (section I of the plan)

There are also specific dates that an EHC must be reviewed and amended by when a child or young person transfers from one phase of education to another.

The deadline is the 15th February in the year a child transfers from:

  • early years education to school
  • infant to junior school
  • primary to middle school
  • primary to secondary school
  • middle to secondary school

The deadline is 31st March in the year a young person tranfers from:

  • secondary school to a post-16 institution

If a young person transferring from one post-16 institution to another the LA must review and amend the EHC plan at least 5 months before that transfer takes place.