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SEN Support

What can I ask the school?

If you are concerned or worried about your child's education, we always advise that you share your concerns with the school or setting first. The first step is to talk to your child's class teacher or tutor

  • Have they noticed that your child is finding anything difficult?
  • What support can they offer?
  • Do they have suggestions for how you can help your child?

If you are still concerned the next step is to ask for a meeting with the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). You might want to use the Core Standards for SEND to support your conversation. It is reasonable to expect the kind of support that is in the menu of provision.

  • What additional support is available? 
  • When we will next review my child's progress?
  • What are the next steps?
  • When will a referral be made to an expert in my child's needs (for example advisory services or an educational psychologist)?

If you feel like the school or setting are not listening to you, we advise that you email them your concerns or questions and ask for a response in writing. If you still feel that you are not being listened to you can contact us for support, or make a complaint to the school.