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SEN Support

What should I do if I am worried?

All nurseries, schools and colleges must support children and young people with SEND. Your child's school or setting will have a graduated response to SEND which is set out in their SEND policy on their website. The graduated response is a cycle of assess, plan, do, review. As part of this the school or setting may put your child on their SEN register.

Schools are required to communicate with parents at each step of the assess, plan, do, review cycle. If you think that you or your child may have special educational needs, or are worried that they are finding some things particularly difficult the first thing you should do is contact the school or setting.

  1. speak to the class teacher or tutor
  2. ask to speak to the SENCO if you think this is needed
  3. ask to speak to a member of the senior leadership team

The class teacher or tutor is the first person you should speak to as they will know your child best, and they are responsible for teaching them, including any support that is needed.

If you feel you are not being listened to, or that the support in place is not enough, you can ask to speak to the school's SENCO.  This is a teacher who has responsibility for co-ordinating SEN provision across the school.  They will be able to refer to advisory or support services if needed.

You can also ask for a meeting with a member of the school's senior leadership team if you feel that you have been listened to, or not enough has been done. If you still feel that you are not being listened to you can contact us for support, or make a complaint to the school.