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What is SEND?

Cognition and learning

Cogniotion and learning is one of the four borad areas of needs identified in the SEND Code of Practice (2015).

This may include difficulties with:

  • reading or phonices
  • writing or recording
  • spelling
  • working memory, processing or executive functioning
  • attitudes to learning and self esteem as a learner

In the SEND code of practice it says:


Support for learning difficulties may be required when children and young people learn at a slower pace than their peers, even with appropriate differentiation.  Learning difficulties cover a wide range of needs, including moderate learning difficulties (MLD), severe learning difficulties (SLD), where children are likely to need support in all areas of the curriculum and associated difficulties with mobility and communication, through to profound and multiple learning difficulties as well as a physical disability or sensory impairment.


Specific learning difficulties (SpLD), affect one or more specific aspects of learning.  This encompasses a range of conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.