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Education, Health and Care Plans

Draft EHC plans

After an EHC needs assessment, the local authority must decide whether they will issue a plan or not. If the local authority decides not to issue an EHCP they must send you this decision in writing by 16 weeks after the request for assessment.

If the LA decide to issue a plan they will send you a draft version. You will have 15 days to make comments about the draft plan and suggest amendments if you are not happy with it. We have an EHCP checklist you can use to help you to check your draft plan.

We advise that if you are not happy with the draft plan you ask for a meeting with the LA to discuss it. You can also contact us for support in understanding the draft plan.

Non-statutory support plans

In Swindon, if the LA decide not to issue a plan you will be given a non-statutory support plan.

This includes all of the information from the assessment about you or your childs special educational needs, and the provision that should be provided by the school, nursery or college. If you have been given a non-statutory plan your child's school or setting should be able to put in place all of the support in the plan. If you want support talking to you child's school or setting about the non-statutory support plan we can help you.


If the LA have decided not to issue a plan, you can appeal this decision to the SEND Tribunal.