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Education, Health and Care Plans

EHC needs assessment

Assessment decision

By 6 weeks after receiving a request for assessment the local authority must decide whether they are going to assess the child or young person, and issue a decision letter.

In Swindon the decision to assess or not is made by a panel. The evidence included in the request for assessment will be considered and they will decide against the legal test.  If it is a parental request for assessment the educational setting will be contacted to add to this evidence. If you are making a parental request it is important that you include all of the relevant evidence so the panel can understand the whole picture. Your child's views and opinions are very important so it is best to include these in whatever way your child communicates best.

If the local authority refuse to assess, you can appeal this decision to the SEND Tribunal.

Statutory Assessment

If the LA agree to assess they must seek advice from a range of people:

  • the child's parent or the young person
  • educational advice and information
  • medical advice and information from a health care professional
  • psychological advice and information from an educational psychologist
  • advice and information in relation to social care
  • advice and information from any other person the local authority thinks is appropriate
  • where the young person is in or beyond year 9, advice and information in relation to provision to assist the young person in preparation for adulthood and independent living
  • advice and information from any person the child's parent or young person reasonably requests that the local authority seek advice from

This means that the professionals involved will be asked to give advice on your or your child's special educational needs, health needs and social care needs.  You or your child will also have an assessment done by an educational psychologist.

If you would like advice or information from any other professional within education health or social care (for example a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or someone from CAMHS) you can request this. This should be agreed as long as it is considered a reasonable request the local authority (for example another professional has said this advice may be needed). This does not always mean that a full assessment will be done by this professional, but they will be approached for advice or information.

Anyone who is approached for advice must respond to the LA within 6 weeks. You will be able to see the progress of the advice and information on the SEND portal.