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Disability discrimination is when someone is not treated the same, or even worse, than others. Schools or colleges are discriminating if they have not done everything they can to support and include children and young people with disabilities. Employers have to make adjustments to help you do your job as well as someone without a disability. These are called reasonable adjustments.

You should not be left out of activities at school because of your disability. Schools, colleges and employers are not allowed to treat you in a different way because of your disability, the colour or your skin, or whether you are male, female or transgender. They have to do everything they can to support you and understand your needs, so that you can be included in all activities.

If schools, colleges or employers do not make reasonable adjustments, this could count as discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.  There is an easy read version of the Equality Act, if you would like to know more about what this covers. 

Citizens Advice has information about asking your employer for changes to help you if you're disabled.